WHAT IS CONTENT CURATION? Effective Content Curation Strategies

WHAT IS CONTENT CURATION? Effective Content Curation Strategies

When I got into writing, I thought it would be putting my thoughts into words and structuring those words into sentences, but it was more than that. It has always been more than that. It is something about uniquely thinking, so many people believe the same thing, but what makes my thoughts different than yours is the way You and I think. Let’s see, You and I both are thinking about ranking our articles on the first page, but the whole scenario is going to be different. You will be thinking of different methodologies to get better rankings, and I will be thinking about some other methods. That is how creative writing works. The topic can be the same, but the scenarios in which it is being explained, examples, and further explanation methodologies are all going to be different. And like I mentioned at the start, one good piece of writing is not just putting up your thoughts but giving it a perfect title, making it readable, and then comes the trickiest part, making it SEO friendly.

Content Writing is also something that has much importance nowadays. But I am not here to discuss content writing today. Instead, I will be discussing one of the most important aspects of it, called Content Curation. But first, let me define curate, it will clear your path of understanding Content Curation in better ways.

Curate means to organise something or to select something and then to present it in front of the audiences 

This word usually gets associated with the collection of arts and paintings.

Curated Definition

From this definition, we can drive that; curated meaning would be,

Something that was well-researched, well-organized and then presented amusingly through being collected from different resources and then the value was added to it

Now you must be getting a bit clearer picture of what content curation is. Let me make it a bit easier for you:

Content Curation is the procedure or method of collecting different kinds of information that fits perfectly to a specific topic and in a particular type of audience. The content curation is done with the deliberation of adding value to the current content and then organising and selecting them in a way that it looks amusing to the audiences. It must sound amusing to the people of the audience attached to the process of content curation and are called directors. Many businesses use the content curation process.

Now, let us understand it with an example that you work for a news company, and there is a piece of breaking news that is being told by every news channel. What are you going to do in that situation? How would you make people listen to your channel and not the other ones? You will try to get in touch with resources and try to find ways to present news that no other channel is doing. That is exactly what content curation is, and if you ask what is curated content? The resulting content would be the curated content.

What Are The Benefits Of Content Curation?

Before I get into more details about content curation, one thing you must be wondering that why should I do curation with my content? How is it going to help me regarding my content strategy? And why it is an essential element for driving a successful content marketing strategy.

Okay, let’s dig right into details.

You Gain Access To So Many Valuable Information 

When you curate your content, you encounter a whole wide range of information on a particular topic. When we go through different resources on a similar topic, we give our audiences more reliable content to read. You build up their interest and if you keep them coming for more. It is considered as a fact in the world of writing that when you have a lot of information on a particular topic, it gets easier for you to present it in a way that sounds interesting.

We Increase The Readability Of Our Current Content 

When we search through different kinds of topics, we go through different kinds of articles, and we filter down the content with more quality and sounds more appealing. We start understanding that this or that article has the most powerful content and this one I should follow so that more people are going to read me, and it is going to add readability in my content that I have just written. This way, you can also get a clear picture of your audience that what kind of words will be a part of the given topic.

One very important thing and the main benefit for the content curation is that when we go through different pieces of information which are published on different kind of websites or are from different writers, we also ignite a thought in our audiences mind that what we have written is not just our idea, but it is also supported y authentic resources and is a valuable piece of information.

Best Content Curation Strategies 

Before I tell you some really good content curation strategies, there are some things you must need to understand. If you are copying it from another source and publishing it as your content, it is not going to be counted as content curation, but it is cheating. Also, suppose you are combining different articles with the common ground of a similar topic and combining them all without adding your thoughts or without your annotation. In that case, it will be termed as aggregation and not content curation.

Content curation includes bringing together data from different topics and also giving your commentary and adding your thoughts and insights on that particular topic. It happens all the time, and it is not considered as a one-time event. In content curation, you are not just putting up your thoughts and combining data from sources, but you are also neglecting what is not essential and highlighting the important points. You are sticking with your insights and your thoughts, and you are selective and choosing the words that correctly depict your views. As a content curator, you always keep your audiences engage in what their interest is and what things are most valuable to them.

Collect Data From Different Kinds Of Resources 

One of the most important content curation strategies is to collect data from different kinds of resources. By different kinds of resources, I mean read blogs, read eBooks read articles, go through different images and videos, watch infographics related to your topic, as I had mentioned above. Now I am mentioning it again that when you collect data from different resources, you develop strengths and find ways to present data most amusingly. By researching different kinds of resources, you begin realising which information is more exciting and valuable to your audiences. You also are going to get surprised by the enrichment of information present on different resources.

Collect Data From Different Kinds Of Resources 

While doing the perfect content curation, you need to come up with the content that no one has ever seen before. You need to add something to a current opinion so that it leaves the audience in awe and impresses them. Let me tell you with an example if you are cooking, then getting a new recipe for something you very like is going to leave you with so much joy and happiness. The same happens in other fields as well. If you come up with content and share valuable information that anyone hasn’t heard of, people will come to your website or your blog, again and again, searching for good quality content. It will increase your brand awareness and will give you a long list of followers.

Let You Inner Person Speak 

Do not stop pouring in your inner thoughts just because you include other people’s opinions. Still, you have to let your personality shine through your words, your opinions, and your insights on different kinds of things about the topic you are writing about. You have to remember that people are coming to you to listen to your own words. You are making them stay and making them stay focused by combining your thoughts with other people’s opinions and enriching your writing by factual data and valuable information. You are highlighting what is relevant to your audiences and what is not, plus you are neglecting the unnecessary points. In all this procedure you cannot neglect your personal opinions and your point of views

What I Have To Say At The End

Through content curation, you are gaining an amazing opportunity to spread your voice on a global level and make an influence. You do not have to stop until you find that voice which you are comfortable with. You also need to consider that if you were a reader reading your content, what would your Impressions be? Will you find it valuable? Enjoyable? If is it attractive and amusing? And if the answer is no, you need to keep practising and practising.


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