You wouldn’t be surprised if I told you that Search Engine Optimization is an 80 billion dollar industry. Amazing, isn’t it? The content related to Search Engine Optimization is not some simple content writing, but in order to do an effective Search Engine Optimization writing, you need to be analytical proficient and must have high-end writing skills. Search Engine Optimization writing is the combination of data sciences and before I tell you how to become an SEO writer let me walk you through what is SEO writing. In this blog, I will be mainly talking and discussing the following three things.

  1. How To Become An SEO Writer
  2. What Is SEO Writing
  3. Seo Writing For Beginners

What Is SEO Writing

There is no one definition for SEO writing but it is rather diverse and includes so many elements.  With respect to the Search Engine Optimization, SEO writing is the kind of content that is written so that it will result in the increase of a website’s visibility in different search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing etc.

Search Engine Optimization writing also encapsulates the use of keywords and different kind of phrases within a content again the point comes is that the writers make use of the SEO content so that the organic visibility is increased in the eyes of the search engines and the search rankings are improved.

One of the best ways to come up with the SEO content is to provide high-quality value research content along with the targeted keywords.

There are a variety of factors that are used by the search engine to rank your pages.  But I will get into more later. But for now, let’s stick to SEO writing.

What Is SEO Writing In Depth

Let me tell you in detail for better understanding of SEO writing. The term SEO is the short form for Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Optimization involves different kinds of tricks and techniques that make websites more attractive in the eyes of the search engine which leads to more traffic towards the website.

One of the factors of Search Engine Optimization is SEO writing. And this writing  it is all about the focus on the creation of high-quality content along with the use of some well-researched keywords which will help the search engine to crawl these pages and then rank the web pages according to the quality. one of the main targets of the SEO  writing is to write content in a way that search engine finds it easier to rank along with putting efforts to make it sound interesting  so The Reader keeps reading it and finds the valuable information.

SEO Writing For Beginners

With my years of experience in Search Engine Optimization, I am often asked this question which is How to Become a Seo Writer?. Let me tell you, it is not a one day thing. It requires both the abilities of being the good content writer along with high keyword research skills. First, you need to start with keyword research. For the beginning, you can use the suggestions that are put forward by Google.

Also the suggestions that are given at the end

There are more tips that I am sharing here, which could be your ultimate guide to SEO Writing for Beginners and will answer many of your concerns regarding How to Become a Seo Writer.

Make Use Of The Keywords In Your All Over Content Along

The first thing you need to do is to make use of the keywords in your all over content along with your headings and subheadings. It will help the search engine to find out the purpose of your content or what your content is all about? But you need to be careful over this one. Because if you overuse key phrases it is not going to sound good but it can also result in Google penalties for an attempt of Keyword stuffing.

You need to use keywords in a way that sounds natural and doesn’t sound robotic. You first need to give it a thought and then decide to where to put keywords so it would provoke a natural feeling. If you are writing a blog you can gain an advantage by tagging some keywords for each post.

You Need To Figure Out Your Audience

I usually repeat in my blogs that you need to figure out your audience and it is the main thing that you need to do even before you are writing or searching keywords.

Finding out your audience seems like an easy task but it is not and this is where the companies make the most mistakes.  It is not necessary that a content which sounds appealing for one group of people is also going to some interesting for another group of people.

Let me explain you with an example if you are a computer-related person you would be interested in knowing about the latest technologies and the latest tech news and think for a second would a doctor be interested in knowing that? Your answer would be probably NO! That’s what I am trying to say.

let’s take another example regarding the age group, a teenager would be more interested in knowing about the video games than a person who is over 40 of 50 so here one factor also arises that is you also need to know about the nature of your audiences like how old they are? What is their interest? What language do they speak? What is their working area? And others? One big mistake that the organization makes is that they make all their posts about their product or services it isn’t a good way but the posts need to be about the industry.

A Very Catchy And Clear Title

Usually, when you do SEO writing you have to keep your content short and up to the point. So the readers will not lose interest. In a very short amount of words, you are required to capture the attention and to make a good impression. So what you can do? You can make a very effective and attention-grabbing headline. One thing that is needed to be considered is that if you use your keywords in your headings. It is going to Boost Your Search Engine Optimization game.

You need to come up with headings that clearly explains what your content is all about while being interesting. Along with the headings you also need to work on the Meta description and keep it interesting and to the point. Your title and Meta descriptions are the ones that is shown by the search engine so you need to make them worthy.

Include All Kind Of Information To Make The Content Valuable

What is the point of giving half information towards your audience? it will not just turn off for your audience but it can badly impact your rankings in the search engines. You need to do all the research regarding your topic. You need to look at the high authority sites and gather all the information you can on a particular topic. Do not just write about the topic but also discuss the relevant topics in your article or your blog. You can make use of different facts and surveys from authentic sites to add weight to your content. You can also use some of the quotes from another website that highly support your content

Maintain The Over All Structure Of Content

Just writing everything is not the answer to your questions. The words you have written must be great but if they are not presented in an organized manner or in a proper format. The audience is going to lose interest. Make your content as much structured as possible. This can be done by breaking down your content into small paragraphs. Feel free to include headings and subheadings. It will give an outlook of much-structured content and will increase the readability of your blog and is going to keep your readers engaged. You need to make the proper hierarchy key. Considering the heading, you can use H1 for titles and H2 for subtitles so  your blog is well structured and well organized.

Read Your Competitor’s SEO Content

No Cheat Rule does not work in the world of SEO. You need to keep a check on your competitor’s onsite content. What they are doing? What kind of content they are putting up? Which thing is getting them more traffic and many others? There are many software and online tools available that will give you know-how about the keywords your competitors are using, and on what kind of keywords they are generating more traffic. You can also do the same. No one would a penalty on you for that. If something is working out for somebody who lies within the same domain. Then what’s wrong trying out that thing for yourself as well.

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