When you try to step into the world of SEO. One of the things that you come across is Meta Tags. After you know how to create Meta tags? The problem comes with how to optimize it. Meta tags give a description of what your page is all about. They are the chunks of texts providing an insight to the page. They do not appear on the content of the page but are rather encapsulated in the source code. They aid in letting the search engines know about what a web page has to offer.
Meta tags have their existence in HTML in the head of the page. Meta tags implicate Metadata which provides the description about the page.

Importance of Meta tags in SEO

Ranking your website on the first page of Google is one of the essential elements to get your business going and reaching your goals. As 75% of all clicks go to the first page of Google search results. And considering the second page It only gets 6% clicks And it is also distributed among all of the searches on the second page.

Metadata is composed of a Meta title and Meta description called as SEO head tag.

In the above picture, the main heading with the large font is Meta heading, and the text under it is encapsulated under Meta description tag. These two terms fall under the category of Meta tags and are also the most important ones.

Optimizing Meta Tag

There are many elements that are required to consider for Meta tags. Some of the following are the important ones and are going to help you to write SEO optimized Meta tags and advanced Meta tags.

It should not be too long

The first thing that you need to consider for optimizing your Meta tags is that it should not be too long and it also not be too short. It must be of appropriate length and you need to make use of the appropriate length and relative keywords to explicitly introduce your services and offers to the world. When you talk length of the Meta description SEO experts say that it must be 135 to 160. Usually, the search engines cut off the lengthy description that doesn’t go along with your website.

Terminating spam words

Another thing you need to consider is that you must not include the words that are hard to understand and are not relevant with your website. Your description must be well written in a human form that any person could depict what your website is all about. Start thinking of Meta description as an ad. And when you would think of it the same way as an ad, you would write your Meta description just like you would write your advertisement. The main goal here is to make the description appealing and user engaging so that a person who reads your description will be compelled and eager to open your website.

Adding the relevant words

If you are seeking that SEO advice I would suggest you stick with the minimum words. The shorter the better. But also to make sure that you include the relevant keywords. Do not add the words that do not define your website clearly and your description and heading needs to have high-quality content that instantly captures the attention of the user.

Unique Description

Another thing that is required for writing an SEO oriented Meta tag is that you should write a unique description for each web page of your website Google will put a penalty if the description of two or more than two pages of a website is the same. It is also obvious that each webpage of your website will serve a different purpose and will have a different objective from another for example if one pages is selling watches then the other one will be selling other mobile phones. Consequently, it holds the urge to write uniquely for each page.

Prioritizing the quality

Prioritizing the quality is also is one of the grounds you should write your content on. Either your content is short or long, it must exhibit high-end quality. Being careful with the words, because it is going to place an impact on the reader. And if the description is not compelling enough, the user is to go to visit your website.

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