We just love online shopping, don’t we?

We love to go on different websites to look out for our favorite products. The idea of the digital world is not complete without having a digital marketplace. In order to have your product go online, you need to have an eCommerce website and there is not only need for the E-commerce website there is a subtle need to come with a website that contains all the top eCommerce website features that will ensure you a success in the smallest time possible.

If we talk about things that play a big part in ensuring the success of the E-commerce website. One of the factors is how many products you have to offer? And how are you putting the marketing architecture behind them? The websites which are extremely successful, they include some common features and functionality that help to convert a 1-time visitor into their long-lasting customer. The successful eCommerce website wins the loyalty of their regular customers and encounters a massive growth in the sale.

All the ecommerce websites feature list have their own unique features, but we have seen some common features that lie across all the E-Commerce platforms. However, it is not necessary to follow that Trends and it is also not necessary if something workout for someone then it is also going to work out for you. But there are some features that you must have on your website to ensure a massive growth in sales and to earn more customers. The features must enhance user experiences. If you are new to E-Commerce business and you have no idea how to sell products online and you are focusing more on your inventory and you are wondering how will be able to show them to your Shoppers? How will you set the right pricing for them? These are the questions that come later.
Listed below is the eCommerce website feature list that you must have on your website in order to have a guaranteed success. So you make sure your website does not contain eCommerce website features that annoy costumers.

Your website must be secured

It is one of the features that is very necessary. There are many plug-ins available in the market that will guarantee you are good security and monitoring. It will provide you with all the necessary algorithms and the security mechanism that are necessary to keep the credit card information safe. There will also be a need for an SSL certificate that will ensure that your website is quite safe. It will help you to build trust with your client’s so they will not hesitate while putting up there critical information on your website The lock that appears before the name of your website it is very crucial for having a secure business and it is also crucial for having massive sales because the more the customer has trust on you the more they are going to buy from your website.

Ability to look good on all sorts of platforms

The research has shown that 50% off online transactions are made through mobile so your website must be able to serve mobile devices equally as it searches the desktop devices your website must be able to provide a most user-friendly experience and it should not depend on what kind of device your customer is using

A study stated that

“98% of the Walmart sales increased after they optimize their mobile site”

It really doesn’t depend on how many products you have listed on your website. If your website fails to serve the mobile users you will not encounter much success and will not be able to increase your sales.

Easy navigation

If a person searches for a Keyword and it leads him to your website but he if he or she doesn’t find the product he or she was looking for, then they are going to bounce off from your website and they are never going to come back. And in this way, you have lost a person who had the ability to turn into your potential customer. To avoid this calamity to happen you must make your website in a way that everything is easy to find out. And for the sake of it, you need to put up things very clearly there. Everything that your website has to offer must be put in a clear way your link must not be broken and everything must be easy to be searched.

Quality ensured images and videos

It is been said that

“A picture speaks a thousand words”

Sometimes when we have to write a whole paragraph, alternatively it could be said in only one photo. If you have an eCommerce website features that annoy customers website it means that the products you are listing on your website do not provide physical ambiance towards your customer. Only the picture or the video you have associated with your product is going to help the customer decide whether they are going to buy it or not. So you need to make sure that you put up those pictures that are really high quality and address all the needs necessary to sell out the product.

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