Before I tell you about the optimal use let’s have a clear understanding of Keywords first. You need to your SEO writing with the keyword research and only by doing that you will be able to find out the right keywords.

Now you must be asking that, why there is a need of doing keyword research?  Many people do not put up their time in finding out the right keywords which highly relates to their content. These people or writers end up with the production of content that is less worthy in the eyes of the search engine.

As an SEO writer, it is your responsibility for keeping the content as much as interesting as possible while making it worthwhile in the eyes of the search engines.

Why Keyword Research Is Important

Keyword research is one of the important parts of Search Engine Optimization.  Keywords are one of the crucial parts of SEO and work as the significant factors for the Search Engine Optimization ranking. The factors are the grounds on which search engine decides to what rank to give your content in the search results?

If you are able to provide the right keywords for your content, it will make it easier for the search engine to understand what your content is all about? It is going to make it easy for the search engines to show your content at the right time whenever is a query is made.

Often times there are some questions that arise in the mind of Writers like

What is the optimal use of keywords on a page for Google SEO?

Keyword density on a page should be around?

What is the ideal keyword density?

Let me tell you there is no final of one answer to that. There could be multiple variations for the answers and it depends upon the following factors.

  1. Nature of your content
  2. The length of the content
  3. Your targeted audience

But one thing that supersedes is that keywords must be used in a way that it does not sound uncomfortable for the reader or doesn’t sound unnatural. You just cannot simply put your keywords every 2 to 3 lines after but you need to define a proper structure for how you are going to use keywords.

As I have mentioned the structure, let me tell you that they are ways to use keywords so let me tell you about the keyword types or how the keywords are classified.

How Keywords Are Classified

People usually describe keywords in three ways the.

Keywords Present In Head

first one is the keyword that is present in the head the heart keywords consist of only 12 towards and causes a relatively high search volume after that there to come the

Keywords Present In Body

Body keywords which consist of two to three words or Phrases and have a moderate search volume. It isn’t very high neither it is very low

Long-Tail Keywords

The last ones are the long-tail keywords are a minimum of 4 words combined together and have a low search volume with respect to the head keywords and body keywords. These are the keywords which are responsible for the bulk of web traffic

Importance Of Long Tail Keywords

Long-tail keywords are important to be included in your content because the longer a sentence is, the more it is relevant and the more it is specific and when someone types it, there are going to be very less search results and if you succeed in including those into your article or your blog. Your website is definitely going to be shown on the first page of your search result.

Ideal Keyword Density

Before I get more into ideal keyword density let us first understand, what is a Keyword? And what is keyword density?

What Is a Keyword?

The keyword is one word or a combination of different words that define, what your content is all about. With respect to Search Engine Optimization, the keywords are the particular phrases or sentences or combinations of the words that user inserts into the search bar of the search engine looking for specific data for specific kinds of information.

Let me ask you if you are looking for whiteboard markers for your school. You are going to type in whiteboard markers and so many results t will be shown with whiteboard marker. Now if you want to make it more specific you would search it like whiteboard markers Los Angeles or this could be the best whiteboard markers, Los Angeles.  Or if you want to be more specific the query might be best whiteboard markers (and then the company name) these are some examples of the keywords that a company might use in their pages so that they could be shown in the first page of search engine results whenever someone’s type the relevant query.

What Is Keyword Density?

I am considering by now that you have a clear understanding of what is a keyword?  in the above example, I have also shown the difference between keywords that have a high volume and long-tail keywords. The more specific you are with the keywords the more traffic you will be able to drive towards your website. Now let’s get into keyword density.

Keyword density is the amount of phrase that appears on a particular page of the content of the page. It could be exactly the same as what a searcher has typed in or it could be a semantic keyword. These all factors are dependent upon how a search engine crawler has perceived your content

What Is A Semantic Keyword?

Here I have used a word with the semantic keyword. Let me explain to you what is a semantic keyword. It is basically a branch of linguistics that is responsible to drive meanings to form words and when some words are semantically related they possess the same meaning and are related with each other in a conceptual manner. The same goes for semantic keywords.

Now the new algorithms that have been introduced by Google make use of the semantic search they utilize the semantic search when they are looking for web pages to rank them. Now they don’t only find out the matching keywords but they put their efforts to find out the meaning behind the search words which are used in the query so they are able to provide more relevant information,

Now the search engines are trying to understand the languages on a much broader level so they are able to provide with more accurate search results for the queries that have been made. Let me explain you with an example. Let’s consider you are searching “What is Keyword” It can also be written as

  1. Keyword Definition
  2. Keyword Description
  3. Meaning Of Keyword

Now, let’s come towhat is the optimal use of keywords on a page for Google SEO and Keyword density on a page should be around?

Keyword density is the main part of the on page SEO and if the keyword density is considered in a right way it is going to help to increase the page visibility on the search engine result pages. and if you do not consider the keyword in the right way, it will keep a page from ranking and might also lead to the search penalty which will remove it from the search engine result pages in total.

There is no well-defined rule that how much times a keyword should appear on a page and search engines really do not tell you the ideal keyword density so you must use different kind of Search Engine Optimization practices to have the guidance.

However most of the Search Engine Optimization experts tell that the keyword density must be around 1-2%.

It means that if you are writing a blog of a hundred words then your targeted keyword must appear about not more than 1-2 time. you can say that the keyword must appear in an efficient manner so that when a search engine bot  is crawling your page it gets a clear understanding of what your page is all about without putting a penalty on you of Keyword stuffing.

About Keyword Stuffing

Keyword stuffing is define as the procedure of writing the same targeted keyword over and over again so the search engine is able to target them. If I talk about a few decades ago it used to be one of the popular SEO trick but it is not really in use in today’s world developers and writers must be aware of the keyword stuffing so that they are not susceptible and vulnerable to the penalty put up by Google. You can be subject to Google penalty if the keyword density in your blog or article or web pages is too high.

First, you need to create content for your audiences and then include keywords where it perfectly fits.

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